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Our Mission, Values, and Vision

Mission Statement

RWS is dedicated to the research and teaching of rhetoric, which refers to the study, uses, and effects of written, spoken, and visual language. We view rhetorical study and written literacy (verbal and visual) as vital to academic, professional, civic, and personal life. We emphasize rhetoric’s dynamic relationship to culture, politics, critical thought, and individual and collective identities.

Values Statement

The Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies promotes student learning and success through its commitment to the following core values:

Teaching/Research — We are a dedicated, flexible faculty who are continually learning and open to implementing new ideas. Faculty bring their research expertise into the classroom to enhance student success.

Rhetoric/Writing — We teach rhetoric and writing as a lifelong practice for thinking critically, analyzing, and engaging in the world.

Students —We engage our diverse students in high-impact learning practices that promote their academic and personal development.

Diversity/Community Engagement — We encourage our students to explore issues from multiple perspectives, which promotes respect and understanding. Our classes bring together students, communities, and ideas by fostering outreach.

Collegiality — We cultivate collegiality through the cooperative, responsive character of the department and the engaged and inclusive nature of our classes.

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Vision Statement

RWS seeks to be a leader in rhetorical research and education in the CSU and in the state, as well as to become a nationally recognized center of excellence in the scholarship and teaching in rhetoric and writing studies. RWS also aims to align itself more closely with both emerging national trends in rhetorical/writing education and research, as well as with the needs of the state, the region, the mission of SDSU, and our students.