student and tutor in writing center looking at computer

Writing Center Tutors

The SDSU Writing Center provides writing tutoring to students across the entire university.  Working with a broad variety of students and assignments provides excellent experience.  Specific requirements for employment, as well as more information about the Writing Center, are available on our website.  We also encourage students to stop by the Writing Center to talk with current tutors about the work we do.


“What's most fulfilling when tutoring, for me anyway, is helping students reach an ‘a-ha!’ moment in their writing; that is, had they not come in and talked through an idea with me or another one of the tutors, they may not have been able to take their writing up to eleven (in the immortal words of This is Spinal Tap) and make it that much better. That's what I try to do at least: help students improve their work as best I can, and when I can see a pointed difference in how they approach their work from when they came in to when they left, that's what I like.”

Writing Center Tutor Nick Hernandez

For more information, please visit the Writing Center website.