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Internship Overview

The Certificate Program in Professional Writing and the Master’s Program offers students internship opportunities with a wide range of organizations and agencies. The internship program is an essential component of the programs.

Work Required

The internship provides a student intern with at least 130 hours of workplace professional writing, editing, and/or communication experience. Depending on the student's professional goals, preparation, prior experience, or background, students may intern in organizations such as a consulting organization, a marketing company, or in a technology environment.

Internships may be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid, depending on the student and the sponsoring organization. Students may enter into internships both during the fall or spring semesters or during the summer.

The Value of an Internship

Internships are a win-win proposition both for the student intern and for the sponsoring organization.

The student intern gains invaluable workplace experience and an opportunity to put to practice the knowledge and skills gained in rhetoric, writing, and management classes, as well as in relevant specialized technical areas. By the end of the internship, a student will have compiled a portfolio of work to show to potential employers.

The sponsoring organization gains a knowledgeable, motivated trainee and an opportunity to screen potential employees. Most certificate and graduate students are in their late twenties or older; many have advanced academic and professional training not only in rhetoric, writing, and communication but also in technical or scientific subjects.

The Program has had internship relationships with a wide variety of organizations in the San Diego area since the early 1980s. Former interns have enjoyed successful careers with Qualcomm, Solar Turbines, Delta Design, NCR, Ericsson, Nokia, Neurocrine, Write on the Edge, and many others. Many graduates have also chosen careers in the nonprofit sector.

Planning the internship

  1. Assemble your prerequisites
    • Complete RWS 506/796B prerequisites.
    • Prepare your resume and a portfolio of writing samples.
    • Meet with the Internship Coordinator to review your resume and portfolio.
  2. Identify placement opportunities
  3. Enroll in RWS 506 (Undergrad) /796B (Master’s)
    • Enroll in RWS 506/796B

Internship application and contract

  1. Apply for internship positions
    • We provide you with leads, but ultimately, you are responsible for finding your internship. Supervisors may request a resume, writing samples, recommendations, and/or an interview.
  2. Determine the logistics of the hire
    • Travel, payment, and other work-related conditions are to be settled between the employer and the student.

Internship completion

  1. Get supervisor evaluations
    • Request a final evaluation after a minimum 150 hours of work.
    • Ask your supervisor to complete and route the appropriate form to the Certificate Program Coordinator.
    • Ask supervisor for samples of your work for your portfolio. If appropriate, ask whether you can use your supervisor as a reference.
  2. Report to the Certification Coordinator
    • Report to the Certification Coordinator on your internship experience and write two pages about your accomplishments, learning, and education-career connections.
    • Meet with the Certification Coordinator to discuss the final evaluation, your log, your report, and samples of your work.
  3. Receive a final grade for the course
    • If all process requirements have been met, your final grade will be a "Credit". Document any special circumstances that might warrant an exception.

Interested in setting up an SDSU internship at your organization? Prospective interns are screened by the Internship Coordinator at SDSU to make sure that the student's interest and training fit the needs and character of the sponsoring organization and that the position fits the student's training and professional goals. Meanwhile, you can interview prospective interns and select the most suitable candidates. Both the Coordinator and the on-site supervisor oversee the intern's progress.

Digital Marketing Interns

Anchor Funding is looking for 1-2 digital marketing interns to bring on to the team.

Interns will gain experience working hand in hand with Loan Officers and Realtors, creating flyers, brochures, hand-outs, tec. (both digital and physical). Interns will be operating within the confines of corporate digital marketing, but still will be given space to creative about what they produce.

Contact Brandon Portal at [email protected].



Dr. Linn Bekins
Director, Professional Writing Certificate, Internship Coordinator
Email: [email protected]