Alex Farugia

Alex FarugiaLecturer
Office: Storm Hall 106B | Email: [email protected]

Alex earned a B.A. in English from San Diego State University in 2014, magna cum laude and honors program, before joining the Peace Corps the following year. The Peace Corps took him to Guyana, where he worked as an educator and community organizer in a rice farming community on the Essequibo Coast. After completing his 27 months of service in 2017, Alex returned to San Diego and worked as a private school teacher. He earned an M.A. in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric at San Diego State University in 2021 and currently lectures in SDSU’s Rhetoric Department. 

Some of Alex’s professional interests include: human rights, voter participation, labor relations, and legal application. He is originally from the Los Angeles area but came to San Diego for the cool weather and surf. Alex’s trivia night strengths: film, history, politics, and literature.