Dustin W. Edwards

Dustin Edwards

Director of the SDSU Writing Center
Office: LLA-1103B and Storm Hall West 109
Email: [email protected]

Dustin W. Edwards (Ph.D., Miami University) joined the faculty in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies (RWS) as an Assistant Professor in 2021. Prior to his appointment at SDSU, Edwards taught writing and directed graduate programs in Rhetoric and Composition and Professional Writing at the University of Central Florida. His research and teaching areas include digital rhetoric, environmental rhetoric, and professional writing.

Broadly, Edwards’ research examines infrastructures of digital rhetoric. He is currently completing a book manuscript that investigates the environmental and colonial harms of digital technologies and large-scale digital infrastructures. His work has been published in journals such as Computers and Composition, enculturation, Rhetoric Review, and Present Tense, as well as edited collections such as Circulation, Writing, and Rhetoric and Digital Ethics: Rhetoric and Responsibility in Online Aggression. .

Edwards is a core member of RWS’s Global Rhetorics Initiative, which is a years-long curriculum expansion project that considers how to teach writing and rhetoric for our Border community.

Outside of his academic work, Edwards likes to hike San Diego trails, swim in the Pacific Ocean, and watch questionable TV.

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