Matthew Costello

Matthew CostelloLecturer
Office: Storm Hall 106C | Email: [email protected]

Matthew Costello has been teaching in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies for 25 years, the first two as a Graduate Teaching Associate, and the last 23 as a full-time lecturer. In 1997, he earned an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from SDSU, and enjoyed his graduate student teaching experience with DRWS so much that he decided to stay with the department after graduating!

Mr. Costello (known as "Mr. C" to his students) has focused his course content mostly on social and environmental justice issues, the impact of social media and technology, the value of journalism, the value of science, and (mostly with his DRWS 100 students) exploring the purpose of college, and the college experience. He has recently taught reading and writing sequences on the rights of women, migrants, and members of LGBTQ communities, as well as sequences on Black Lives Matter, voting rights, and climate change.

Important to Mr. Costello's teaching is a focus on public issues that are unfolding at the current moment, along with providing historical context on those issues. He believes that education should be linked to our roles as informed citizens, and wants students to think critically about the subjects mentioned above as a way to prepare for navigating the ongoing debates around those subjects well beyond college. He enjoys creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to share their experiences and viewpoints, always with a focus on good argumentative strategies, and staking claims on solid evidence and reasoned judgment.

Mr. Costello is from the greater Los Angeles area, moved to San Diego in 1994 to attend graduate school, and now lives with his wife and two kids in El Cajon, CA. He is an avid sports fan, and has remained loyal to his LA teams: Dodgers, Lakers, and Rams.