Sandra Marie Fimbres

Sandy FimbresLecturer
Office: Storm Hall 110B | Email: [email protected]

As an alumnus of San Diego State University who undertook both my undergraduate and graduate studies (American Literature) here, and as a lecturer in the Rhetoric and Writing Department for over twenty years, I am proud to call myself an Aztec. Teaching here has made me privy to such amazing change and growth over the past few decades. I still recall how, as a student and a teacher, I would have to walk what seemed like an extra five miles a day just to bypass the construction of the current Student Union or the trolley stop.  And who can forget the strict “no drinks or food” rules enforced when entering the Love Library…which now features a 24/7 lounge complete with a coffee cart and endless ways to “plug in.” I felt hopeful with the emergence of our Pride Center, our Veterans Center, and “green” water fountains that allowed for us to refill to our heart’s delight. I applauded the decision to provide gender neutral bathrooms, and the simple idea of designating a bike/skateboard lane. I continue to be impressed by the seemingly endless new opportunities and innovative resources we continually strive to provide each generation of Aztecs. But what has been the “hands down” most defining aspect of my teaching career here is the diverse array of unique individuals who I have had—and still have—the honor of calling my students.  While I have perhaps imparted stronger writing skills, and maybe even an appreciation for writing in many of them, what they have taught me is…well, quite simply, so much more; they have showed me the world—their worlds—through their experiences…their eyes…and their words.  Go Aztecs!