Siobhan White

Siobhan WhiteLecturer
Office: Storm Hall 114B | Email: [email protected]


Siobhan White completed her BA at University of South Florida in Tampa. She studied general British/American literature and wrote her senior thesis on the women’s role in the Beat Generation.

Siobhan completed her MA at SDSU in 2008 in American Literature, still studying Beat Literature. Her interests were expanded into post-modernism and psychoanalytic theory. She began teaching in 2008.

In 2010, Siobhan returned to SDSU for an MA in MALAS (Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences), researching cultural studies, focusing on eschatology and cultural trauma. Her work traced the idea of “apocalypse” from Hebrew and early Christian ideologies, to the American idea of “manifest destiny” and through World War II and the American nuclear age. She explored how an ideology can perpetuate repressed and subconscious trauma through theater, photography, sculpture, and literature. Siobhan graduated in 2012 and continues to teach for the Department of Rhetoric & Writing Studies. 

Teaching Interests:

Digital Humanities: How are we human in a digital world? How does our tech-heavy culture influence thought and thinking?

Gender and Trans Identities: How is gender constructed and how does society shape and define the individual?

Pop Culture: How does our entertainment media define us and how does it reflect and influence subliminal themes in our culture?