Sydney Sullivan 

Sydney Sullivan Lecturer; Writing Mentors Program Co-Coordinator
Office: Storm Hall West 118 | Email: [email protected]

Sydney is a current lecturer at San Diego State University in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies department. Her research focuses on education and digital rhetoric with an emphasis on well-being. She spends her time developing skills teaching in the writing program and creating curricula that deal with digital rhetoric in conversation with well-being. As she continues to grow as an educator, Sydney has become increasingly more passionate about the education system and ways in which to engage students to help them succeed not only academically, but in life as well.

While social media, digital news articles, and general advances in technology have led some educators to feel students are disengaged or can’t pay attention in the classroom, Sydney sees this as an area of concentration that should be at the center of curricula. Getting students to engage with digital rhetoric and how the world around them is currently making arguments is critical to encourage them to stay informed in their day-to-day lives. In her spare time, Sydney enjoys dog beach with her two shelter pups Luca and Ellie, trying new foods around San Diego, and exploring California's abundance of national parks.